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National Finals Rodeo Tickets

Entry Fee-money paid by a contestant to Rodeo Secretary before he is eligible to compete. Entry Fee’s range from $75.00 - $125.00

Added Money-the purse put up by Rodeo Producer, which is added to the Contestants Entry Fees to make up total prize money


Prize Money-paid to the Top Eight Winners of each event


Draw-the lottery-style pick of stock for competitors


Long Go-first Round of competition


Short Go-top ten contestants from the Long Go compete in the Short Go on 10 of the Best Bulls


Average-contestant scores combined on two or more bulls


Flank Rope-a cotton rope tied loosely around the bull’s flank


Qualified Ride-Rider must be mounted on bull for 8 seconds with free hand


Disqualified Ride-when a contestant touches any part of his equipment, the bull, or himself with his free hand


Re-Ride-when a judge decides the Bull did not give a satisfactory ride, the contestants will be given a Re-Ride in that same round


Scoring-A perfect Score would be 100 points. There are two judges, one on each side of the arena. Each will give up to 25 points to the rider, determined by how much control is shown throughout the eight seconds. Each judge will give a score of 25 point to the bull, based on his strength and style of bucking. The combined points given by the two judges are added together to determine competitor’s score.


Mutton-the flesh of a fully grown sheep


Branding Information-If there is a 0 in front of a number, the correct pronunciation would be “ott”. Example: 04 (ott 4) If there is a – in front of a number the pronunciation would be “Bar” Example: -6 (Bar 6)